Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shater Autorig

I Believe Your time is valuable in production , Let Shater Autorig do the technical work and you focus your effort and money on Animation.

Tutorial - overview :

older version

Who can use this?

any simple max user can use Shater autorig its very simple to use.

What kind of Rigs it gives ?

make humanoid Games Rigs and feature Animation production rigs.


-make humanoid rig with great features in just sec's.
-FK-ik controls
- stretchy limps &spine.
-bendy-curvy limps.
-biped mocap support.
-pose manger.
- clean layering system for rig bones helpers controllers
see Youtube video for Workflow.

--Save load animation
--Pose manger unlimited poses with 2 ways of grouping poses.
--Same old ShaterAutorig v1.0 features as - Naming independant -, you can change the name anytime without problems.

--Biped Integeration :
its not working for now , will be updated it soon.

max versions:
Created and tested on max 2014 , but i think no problem with 2011 and above , if u have a problem Report plz.

History V1

Shater Autorig V.2.0 Released Get it now
license: it cost only 75$ for a full License. ( Paypal / Skrill)

Paypal to
other option : payment via Registered users to
Skrill is online British Bank like paypal and its very safe , you can make an account running for payment in 1 hour-24h tops , it accept all credits.
as soon as I get your money and request in mail I'll send your Full version . (12-36 hours)

For License Generation Process please run this script and enter your info , it will generate a RequestFile for you send the file to me .

Download Request File Generation Script
and I'll send "Shater AutoRig" latest version fully activated as soon as I get your request.
license Renewal for updating hardware every year for free
--Shater AutoRig License is locked to one machine , but the character tools will work in any machine.
so Creation of the rig need a License , running the rigs and rig tools isn't a problem in any machine. 
so for a small Animation studio you need only one license and its only 75$

--if u have any problems , bugs or errors post here or on FBpage or mail me , and i'll mail you for any updates,fixes.

Download A Rig made with shater autorig for Testing :
Try it now
Download moody rig v1.1 From cgmeetup

download mirror -- cgmeetup is down.
exe setup
 manual setup

autorig has no biped integration - and cloth dynamics bones like this rig , i added those for testing , but all other options on this rig is the same on the autorig .

 pose factory is free now and working with any rig.
download pose factory
happy animation :)


  1. Hi. The system of units that uses the script? meters mm or cm?

    1. hey , it should work with any units system , just fix autorig guide positions to your character whatever the setup is.

  2. It is a fucking bullshit.
    I tried tons of autorig scripts and no one working the proper way.
    Without any working trial, I'd say that you just fulling people.

    1. already have users working with this script , and even some rigs made with the old v.1.0 , this have years of history .
      and hellooo, paypal does have protection dude
      check my channel to try some free production scripts at least its free , and working , what about what i'm selling ? ofcourse i did more work,support on that !
      and there is a character here made with the script you can try it ,finally thanx for wasting my time :)