Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pose Factory

Pose Factory is an easy to use Pose Manger for saving loading unlimited number of poses for any custom made characters .

-save unlimited poses
-load poses
-load poses local
-load pose on selection only.
-loading on body only or face only .
-all custom attributes will be saved.
-different kind of saving loading sets so you can have many poses for each character all saved and portable.
-loading poses from different characters made by same autorig (has same naming structure/prefix), so any rig done by Shater Autoriger or any other autoriger will work just fine.
-all poses are portable , you can find it on your animation folder of your project and you can share them with your team.

How to use:
-characters controllers must be on one layer and face controllers in another layers
-all the character controllers names should be Charactername_hand, charactername_footIk ..etc , it will work on any set of objects on the layers assigned this way.
-in setup panel enter the layers name prefix or change your charcters to match PoseFactory defaults and you are set to go.

This tool was used on Shater Autorigger and moody free character rig , its mdified to all rigs or set of objects now.
v:2.1 release for all rigs not only Shater Autoriger tool.
2.11 fix local posing (load relative pose) don't work , now you need to change your character main cont. name or modify it from the script setup rollout.

report any problems/bugs
download form scriptspot

happy animation :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

particle to objects - Blender Script

particle to objects script v0.8

Blender don't export particles as far as i know , and instancing particles has very limited options , this is a way around this limitation.
after Particle is done you can export it to any 3d App as animated objects dots whatever you assign the instance object option.
its limited to particle generated on the 1st frame and make lifetime bigger than the scene.

-open on text editor in blender and run it
- you will find it on UI Properities panel (N)
-Fill the names of emmitter - instance obj and step frames and press "distribute objs" and thats it.

have fun.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Paypal for payment - is working now

Finally Paypal is working for my country .
finally you can make payment for Commercial scripts -Shater Autorig or Prime Autolipsync - via Paypal now 

sorry for forcing you guys to Skrill bank -which isn't bad but its not popular for everyone - :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shater Autorig

Shater Autorig is humanoid feature Animation rig creator and olso Games simple rig creator, with flexible and easy to use animation tools for production (unlimited pose manger/keying tools/reseting/ik-fk/stretching/squashing/bending limbs and spine) 

I Believe Your time is valuable in production , Let Shater Autorig do the technical work and you focus your effort and money on Animation.

Tutorial - overview :

new in v2.2

How to edit controller shapes/Fingers controller edit

Who can use this?

any simple max user can use Shater autorig its very simple to use.
*recommeded for generalists and riggers to save their time.

What kind of Rigs it gives ?

 humanoid Games Rigs and feature Animation production humanoid rigs.


-make humanoid rig with great features in just sec's.
-Multi Type Rigs: you can choose between several rigs (Feature animation rig  or simple rig for games or secondry characters)
-simple workflow and easy to use: (workflow is linear but with saving guide option you can edit your guide and reRig in less than a min. )
-FK-ik controls
- stretchy limps &spine.
-bendy-curvy limps: (with 2 types of animatable controllers , simple modifer can bend your limbs as needed or by viewport controllers which can be hided/shown as needed from character tools.
-powerful pose manger: (unlimited poses for each characters body and face ) and remaping poses between characters is easy cause they have similar naming sets. (pose factory is free now and you can try it on any character )
- clean layering system for rig bones helpers controllers
-auto skinning (add skin modifier to all character mesh with all skin bones auto -no auto vertex weighting- means you have to edit skin vertex weight/paint or envelopes manually)
-rig tools for reseting to Tpose anytime, keying all , load save animation , load save unlmited poses.
-naming independant : you can change your character name even after the rig is created and all the rig and its tools will work just fine.
-rig tools: for reseting to Tpose anytime, keying all , load save animation , load save unlmited poses.

see Youtube videos for Workflow.

--character tools (keying -reseting to Tpose-save/load temp pose -save load animation - changing squash/stretch -show hide extra level controllers - rename character - and other stuff)
--Pose manger unlimited poses with 2 ways of grouping poses.

--Biped Integeration amd loading .bip mocap:
its not included cause it has many bugs on automation(not production ready and could complicate things) , i hope it will be production ready at v3.0
[reason i'm not working on automating this feature is most of my users need high end animation rig (or simple rig for games which autorig support too scince v1.0) , if they want biped they would make a biped from the start)

max versions:
Created and tested on max 2014 , but i think no problem with 2011 and above , if u have a problem Report plz.

History V1

Shater Autorig V.2.0 Released Get it now
license: it cost only 99.99$ for a full License. ( Paypal / Skrill)

or Paypal to
as soon as I get your money and request file in mail I'll send your Full version . (12-36 hours)

For License Generation Process please run this script and enter your info , it will generate a RequestFile for you send the file to me .

Download Request File Generation Script
and I'll send "Shater AutoRig" latest version fully activated as soon as I get your request.
license Renewal for updating hardware every year for free
--Shater AutoRig License is locked to one machine , but the character tools will work in any machine.
so Creation of the rig need a License , running the rigs and rig tools isn't a problem in any machine. 
so for a small Animation studio you need only one license and its only 100$

--if u have any problems , bugs or errors post here or on FBpage or mail me , and i'll mail you for any updates,fixes.

Download A Rig made with shater autorig for Testing :
Try it now
Download moody rig v1.1 From cgmeetup

download mirror -- cgmeetup is down.
exe setup
 manual setup

-autorig has no biped integration - and cloth dynamics bones like this rig , i added those for testing it was buggy to automate -doable still maybe when the autorig is more popular- , but all other options on this rig is the same on the autorig .


*are the rigs created by shater autorig tool is production ready ?
yes , humanoid rig totally ready for animation pipeline , or games pipeline with the simple rigs , not one kind of rig its multi option gives you varity of options and tools for animators , makes your life easier as a rigger or generalist save your time.

*how to get a License?
-buy the script then  Download Request File Generation Script
Run it on the machine you want to license (one license = one machine), it will generate a request file just send me that file and i'll mail the last version of the script
-Rigs created by the Shater Autorig tool will be running on every machine (need character_tools + pose factory ) for animators machines rig will work with its tools in any machine.

*i got my character rig wrong do i need to start over ?!
no , always name your character before making the guide and save the guide as a file or from the script "save guide" button
this way if you didn't like something or mess up on one or two bones locations just delete the rig completly or open your mesh file,and load your guide from the script , edit it , resave it just incase, and create your rig again in less than a min. you will have your rig fixed.

*how to change controller shapes (I don't like the controller shapes)?
2-3 min Tut up (the one with the minion) i show several ways to do that , make your character unique or the way you like it very quickly with integrated tools in a few min.

*does it include Autoskining ?
yes auto skinning all skin bones to skin modifier but not auto weighting vertex (means you got to work manuall on your skin (vertex weight,paint,envelopes).
olso it has skin bones collected in selection set/layer for skinning manuall.

*does it have biped integeration (load mocap .bip) like mody character on the blog?
well , no (for current version)
I will integrate it with an update if i have more support of the tool or more users really need the tool with this option , its very buggy right now can't integrate something that buggy on production tool.
olso moody rig came with dynamic sliders thingy for realtime cloth sim trick ( its not a prodction ready tool too , so its not included too maybe later it will be released ).

*what about the face rig , and animals (Quadruped, tails )?
Shater autorig is humanoid autorig , unfortionatly no face rig automation ,olso no Quadruped rigs
but you may use the tool as your need fits , spine/limbs can be used the way you like.

*can i make changes to the rig to fit my needs and add bones, controllers?
-yes , (If you know what you are doing)
-to make the rig tools work with no problems what you need to do is:
for the body:
- if you change any parenting/child links please freeze transform (can be found in quad menus when pressing alt+right click) ,this is for default \Tpose to work with no problem , olso new created controllers should freeze transforms too.
-layering system isnt to be messed with naming or anything , add your newly created controller to the controller layer , character tools will work with it on saving/loading animation or poses or keying or resetting.
-For the face controllers in order to use pose factory to save face poses too just put all face controllers on layer named "chname_Face_contols" so if chacter named "Minion" it will be "Minion_Face_contols".
editting the original rig itself, copy paste parts ,adding removing links/constrains all of that may cause errors or misbehave on character tools which i can't support bugged edited charcter rig so this needs a rigger know what he's/she's doing.
but character tools need layers named right , and resetting needs frozen stuff , you get the idea.

 *I got FK/ik snapping not right?
This is common max ik solver problem if its not created the right way.
In guide setup , you need the arm on one line exactly on z axis ("Guide_l_Shoulder","Guide_l_Forearm","Guide_l_Wrist") z postion should be the same.
 , so you can move arm guides on x and y as you like on z axis take them all to one level, so Tpose model will be better .
if the arms are tilted down abit on relaxed Tpose it could work to with no problems just make sure to move locally .
-one last tip the ik elbow or forearm or knee should have an angel like defualt setup of the guide, thats all ik standard for those who don't do rigging.

*do you support the tool ?
Fully supporting any bugs (2 hours from reporting the bug to less than 2-3 days depending on my time or what the bug affecting exactly? ) , olso takes upgrade suggestion into consideration for future upgrades , just report the bug/suggestions by mail and always happy to help.
v1 users which was the simple game rig (included still) got v2 upgrade for free and all users continue to have updated versions by mail .

* I need to try Shater autorig!
 there is no trial version for this tool ,but you can download Moody Rig from above links , it was fully created by shater autorig v2.0 , try the rig ,Try the integrated animation tools and the pose manger, if you like it , then this is the Autorig for you.
oslo you can check youtube videos for the workflow and ease of use and saving your rig time for a small affordable price.

update log:

v2.2 update
*Guide (Mostly foolproof -proof against misuse-  edits)

-added Unit setup auto to cm (Try making your model close to real world scale to avoid problems later stages even Lighting need close to Real world scales -always select your meshes and hit "Model select&cleanup" too).
-mirroring you can edit left side only of the guide , rightside will be frozen , just hit "mirror guide" when you happy with adjasting your guide.(model must be on the center)
-added fingers spacing angel adjastable.
-Fingers guide also changed default for ease of use.

Fingers controller minor changes on looks and locking some unneeded rotation axis for ease of use and foolproofing only.
Hands ik parented to hips controller by defualt when you hit "link arms" and resetting pose to Tpose working fine (if you plan to change links you should freeze transforms after so resetting to Tpose to work without issues) 
*Finishing Tap
-Auto skinning button added with 2 options
auto :which get the mesh you selected and prepared on guide tap) and add skin to what you selected there. (which can contain eyes and meshes you don't need skin mod on but you can always clean later)
selected: add skin modifier to selected mesh only.
please unfreeze models b4 adding auto skinning
*note : this is basic skin modifier , Autorig just adding the skin bones for you , you need to adjast your skin (vertex weight/vetex painting/envelopes).
*same as old version skin bones are collected on a layer and on selection set for ease of use too.

*optional tap
optional tap is mostly about saving time changing controllers.
- shape thickness change on selected to edit your controllers shapes fast. 
you still can always replace the shape controller by picking any other shape while selecting the controller you want to change and hit "replace control"

update 2.1
Fixed bugs
-Mirroring fingers fix

new features
-when opening the script, identify the guide if existed on scene ( plz dont make more than one guide on one scene )

-added 2 butons on Finish section just small autolinking the whole rig -this should be manuall for best results but for those who need it (link legs and spine) and (lining arms)
-auto relinking arms to helper near the neck "chname_spine_Bendy_hlp_8" for default if its 16 bones it will link to the "chname_spine_Bendy_hlp_16" if u need to adjast it and relink to nearest "chname_spine_Bendy_hlp_" , its your call.

for simple spine game rig , plz do it manually
the arms parents helpers named "chname_L_ArmParent_Helper"

history V:1.0

Setup an update : just replace old files

have fun animating
 pose factory is free now and working with any rig just name your layers as shater autorig system or in the setup section.
download pose factory
happy animation :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Facebook page :)

For sure Social media is way more faster to connect , Follow updates and new scripts posted on the Shater studio on Facebook .
Join FaceBook Page to reach update and new scripts , report bugs and have it fixed faster

Have fun :D

Light Detictive

Light Detictive is a Tool designed to mange complex lighting setups.

--not only control include and exclude by selection or sets fast , but olso investigate the lights on the scene see exclude and include lists ,
--olso investigate objects which light affect them of not.
-- fast Group Lighting specific objects .
--support MentalRay and Vray.

How to use it:
-for fast ex/include: select a light on the script then select meshes on the viewport or from selection sets in the script hit include/exculde selected .
-to check objects led by a light just choose the light from the list
-to check an object and which lights affect it 2 ways just select it and then press "select in/exclude lights"
-the other way from the object list just press all geometry button and choose the object select either include or exclude it will show you the lights related to that object
-if you check "included general" it will show you all lights affecting the geometry.
everything else is almost self explanatory.

-light groups is a way to copy all lights and make a copy include selected objects.-it needs cleaning for optimal results/rendertime plz test it before you decide to use it on production.

v1.0 was MR only
v1.1 fix issues with vray lights , now supports Vray lights without issues.

v1.2 update:
tested for vray lights ,I don't know about other engine but should work in any renderer.
better ways to invisticate lights on your scene.

-change light type include to exclude or the oposite not just showing the type
-when typing mesh name now update the list of lights -just click outside if it has problems- or select the object you need to know which lights ex/including it then hit "select in/exclude lights" it will be selected.
-added toolips for ease of use

-known issues: photometric lights makes error when selecting it on the menu.

Download V1.2 from Scriptspot 
older version
download v1

Join FaceBook Page to reach update and new scripts