Friday, August 29, 2014

Real-time Dynamic Slider

its not a physical simulation , but its fast ,real-time
2 types of sliders : the one with no bounce stable and more predictable.
slider in with bouncing still need some work
-- limitations --
its working on z axis only for now.

applications to this : 2ndry animation mainly .
this tool inspired by dynamic slider on maya by Hans Godard - here

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Detect Fix Broken Wiring - Maxscript

simple Scipt for manage wiring
--detect wiring on selection and open wiring dialogs
--detect broken wiring .
--detect wiring between 2 objects
--fast wiring between 2 objects
max only limit wiring dialogs to 7 only.
try it and have fun :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

kinect mocap fix - Foot Stabilizer

for anyone who use Microsoft kinect mocap or similar setups -which considerd cheap mocap systems- using any capture application or plugin its all has problem of floating legs or noise which is not cool and leave these mocap systems far from production standard , I hope its a step closer to be more reliable on production at least useable mocap .

what the script do exactly is detect foot animation keys then activate IK and disable it according to the animation then remove all non essenial keys which make more stable legs, not perfect 100% but its a better start , easy to fix manually.

--stabilize the z axis of pelvis , and u can adjast it which can supress jumping or allow it , according to setting.

--settings -- jitter ,legs z azis and jump factors are all max units , so the bigger your character scale the bigger these factor should be to supress jitter and calculate fixed poses, will attach test mocap file work for my settings .

-- after running the script cleaning process is much easier.

-- there is some custom key reduction options .

--side note : script doesn't deal with any problems of biped parts but legs ,pelvis z pos, so other known problems of kinect mocap just as snappy arms can be fixed by key reduction and some manual cleaning.

known issues:
-- you will need to copy the planted keys manually ,althought the script should be doing it , not sure yet why its not working as it should.
--its relatively slow for now, mainly complication of 1st issue .
-- don't run the script twice on same animation .

how to use :

for cleaning other part of biped just select the part and run "reduce keys" , or select all biped parts and run it , adjast the key reduction factor for better results.

 for foot stabilization
1- run the .mse file by draging droping into max or run script command
2- choose mocap file .bvh
3- Create new biped ,setting not important , select any biped part and press "GO" button will open the mocap tool , make sure you are on freeform "footstep mode" which is the defalt state, if its not the script won't work as should , choose your own setting of keys reduction and figure any other stuff u want.
 4- wait and u have your mocap ready for cleaning process so save your mocap as .bip and use it on any biped.
5- have fun

feedback will be appreciated,here or in scriptspot.

download kinect mocap fix - Foot Stabilizer v:1.0