Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prime Lipsync tool updated v 2.01

this update usefull to quick setup already rigged/wired charcter heads.

Prime lipsync only deals with "Bezier float" morph channel controllers , when some users try it with wired characters already have some sliders by (reaction manger-wire paramters) it doesn't work or give errors.
I made simple fix 2 ways it should pop up when you press animate button
1st question will ask you if you do wanna extract these targets if you press yes it will extract all the mapped targets for you , you need to add them to morpher modifier manually then re-map everything on the script from the setup panel.
if you press no 2nd method will pop up it will ask you if you want to just convert the channels .
Warning -- this will unwire your rig sliders for sure.
if you want to have both your custom rig slides and the script running , you should do it the 1st way and you only need to do this once .

download it from scriptspot now

if you have an old version demo or licensed just replace old files .

Happy Animation :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


RenderGuy is Rendering/lighting/fixing tools you can Fix your missing maps ,collect your maps or archive it ,copy paste objects materials lights between different files , mange complex lighting setups with Light detictive ,quick mr studio and quick passes, All in one.

IF you do alot of rendering you will need this.

known issue:
it was dependant on mentalray , so it won't work without for now , sorry late on updates on free tools lack of time, will try to fix.
Happy lighting/Rendering :)