Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shater Crowd System sneakpeek

Shater Crowd System is a project I have been working on lately ,its already used-tested on production now .
its more than workflow with multiple steps but all steps arw scripted.

This is a simple test 300 crowd agents -based on 2 crowd characters - on directional emmitters, more complex tests will be uploaded.

some features:
- all steps of workflow are scripted .
- works with any character - biped,cat,custom rig or other mesh
-any number of base crowd character will be randomly disributed.
- ground -terrain detection.
- random color correction for materials , and even skin after simple setup.
- change motion between walking running automatic.
- change character animation on specific time and variations by random value.
- change animation when reaching target.
- teams against each other , i uploaded simple test b4 but its better now.
and other features will be revealed on next uploads

i hope u like it :)