Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shater Autorig

I Believe Your time is valuable in production , Let Shater Autorig do the technical work and you focus your effort and money on Animation.

Tutorial - overview :

older version

Who can use this?

any simple max user can use Shater autorig its very simple to use.

What kind of Rigs it gives ?

make humanoid Games Rigs and feature Animation production rigs.


-make humanoid rig with great features in just sec's.
-FK-ik controls
- stretchy limps &spine.
-bendy-curvy limps.
-biped mocap support.
-pose manger.
- clean layering system for rig bones helpers controllers
see Youtube video for Workflow.

--Save load animation
--Pose manger unlimited poses with 2 ways of grouping poses.
--Same old ShaterAutorig v1.0 features as - Naming independant -, you can change the name anytime without problems.

--Biped Integeration :
its not working for now , will be updated it soon.

max versions:
Created and tested on max 2014 , but i think no problem with 2011 and above , if u have a problem Report plz.

History V1

Shater Autorig V.2.0 Released Get it now
license: it cost only 75$ for a full License. ( Paypal / Skrill)

Paypal to
other option : payment via Registered users to
Skrill is online British Bank like paypal and its very safe , you can make an account running for payment in 1 hour-24h tops , it accept all credits.
as soon as I get your money and request in mail I'll send your Full version . (12-36 hours)

For License Generation Process please run this script and enter your info , it will generate a RequestFile for you send the file to me .

Download Request File Generation Script
and I'll send "Shater AutoRig" latest version fully activated as soon as I get your request.
license Renewal for updating hardware every year for free
--Shater AutoRig License is locked to one machine , but the character tools will work in any machine.
so Creation of the rig need a License , running the rigs and rig tools isn't a problem in any machine. 
so for a small Animation studio you need only one license and its only 75$

--if u have any problems , bugs or errors post here or on FBpage or mail me , and i'll mail you for any updates,fixes.

Download A Rig made with shater autorig for Testing :
Try it now
Download moody rig v1.1 From cgmeetup

download mirror -- cgmeetup is down.
exe setup
 manual setup

autorig has no biped integration - and cloth dynamics bones like this rig , i added those for testing , but all other options on this rig is the same on the autorig .

 pose factory is free now and working with any rig.
download pose factory
happy animation :)