Saturday, December 20, 2014

Prime Autolipsync v 2.0b Voice Recognition and AutoTiming System included

Prime AutoLipsync is not only a text to animation Engine anymore ,its now olso has Audio Animation engine too with Auto timing system.

--Voice recognition Engine-- tested on english only not sure about other langue.
--Auto timing new system. -beta phase- need testing and feedback about it.

How to use:
just do the morpher setup as usual , choose a wav sound then run Auto recognition
audio will be processed , Text will appear , new Auto Timing system will try to make the animation fit with the audio as possible.

My tests has some good results and others not so good , will need some adjastments.
maybe u will have to use the old system in fixing animation at some frames as fit.

demo versions is limited so try using small wav files.
All Clients just replace the files , mail me for any help

Requirements: prime Autolipsync v2.0 uses Windows Voice recognition System which is integrated to win 8/7 for sure not sure about older xp system.
Tested on Win8 , I guess it will work on Win 7 with no problem
--Tested on Max 2014 -- max 9 and above should work with no problem.

Prime Autolipsync Page/help

have fun and good luck.

Friday, December 19, 2014

floating stuff

old test using ICE
realtime no simulation needed

miss softimage, AD sux

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Prime Autolipsync V2 - Beta testing

Prime Autolipsync V2 - Beta testing
Full voice recognition and Auto Timing

Can't say its Ready yet but its WIP.
Will be free Upgrade for all V1 customers .

Friday, December 12, 2014

moody rig update/fix v1.1

--Bug fix :error trying to open Lipsync UI , its now working fine
--tweak changing boy/girl fixes cloth / note: cloth dynamics sliders setup works for the boy setup best.
-- Rig max file still the same, Replace scripts related files on Shaterstudio folder if you had a earlier setup.

thanx for reporting.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Moody - 3ds max free character Rig Release


--Bug fix :error trying to open Lipsync UI , its now working fine
--tweak changing boy/girl fixes cloth / note: cloth dynamics sliders setup works for the boy setup best.
-- Rig max file still the same, Replace scripts related files on Shaterstudio folder if you had a earlier setup.

thanx for reporting.

features :
FK-ik controls , stretchy limps &spine  , bendy-curvy limps ,biped mocap support ,pose manger, Autolipsync , dynamic realtime -limited- cloth system -2ndry motion , usefull tools integrated.

--Save load animation
--Pose manger unlimited poses with 2 ways of grouping poses.
--auolipsync (prime Autolipsync alrady integrated with the character) / use it or leave it all optional you can achieve lipsync by animating face rig.
Prime Automatic LipSync Tool

--2 sets of charcters for now , there is a female and male version.-but the model was never made at 1st as multi character so its just some tweaking.

--Same old ShaterAutorig v1.0 features as - Naming independant -, you can change the name for putting girl and boy character on the same scene without problems.
-- FaceRig is morph based exept extra controllers on the eye Brows .

--Biped Integeration :
Why choosing between custom rig and Biped when you can have both on the same Rig ?. 
2 ways of dealing with biped there is constraints system for testing only , make sure u reset the character before using it , it may gives weird results if there is already animation cause it consider an animation layer.
Always work on key mode unless you r testing mocap , Keys mode will capture the biped animation from start time to end .
there is a biped attached to the Rig you can Hide/unhide and work with it then Grap the animation by the character rig.

next stage on updating this Biped integreation , biped will take poses and animation from the rig too, i have uploaded some tests earlier on youtube channel.

--the swivel issue : when u load bip file swivels will be unparented form legs or hands to capture the animation with no issues , when u resets everythings goes back to normal , always i made a button to fix that olso .
say if you want to convert bip to xaf animation so you did load bip then save it as xaf from the options UI , u did save it while the swivels is unparented , just remember that .

--dynamic slider:
 it just small bones skinned to the clothmesh feels gravity and little motion of the body , gives the feeling of simualted cloth on no time , for sure its limited system with few options for now , you can control Gravity or weight of the cloth and the damping/multiplier , test them together .
2nd stage for developing dynamic slider will give more control for the user .

moody rig is mainly beta-testing Shater Autorig and some other tools on production , olso i hope it will be good asset for those guys who seeks a good free max rig , i hope i can provide better model-more appealing character next free rig . 

max versions:
Created and tested on max 2014 , but i think no problem with 2011 and above , if u have a problem Report plz.

the character is free for non commercial usage , would appreciate it if you give me some credit .

Download moody rig v1.1 From cgmeetup
mirror Zip file manual setup ----mirror Setup exe file
donations are always appreciated .

Feel free to contact me for Bug reporting , ideas for updates or anything on your mind .
happy animation :)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Prime Automatic LipSync Update demo V1.21

updates on the last versions till 1.21

--Saving presets as dropdown list to switch faster  , to save new preset write your preset name and it will be faster as a list contains all your charcters options,  to delete a preset select it and right click the list
--save last important options on close and open on last save.
--Slider channels only showing your choosen lipsync morph list.


--fix "h" charcter now gives "a"
  --fix the error on counting morph channels setup section when there is empty channels .
-- Fix spaceing Gap mode , works better now.

You can downlad the demo script and Test model scene , I added some tips on the page olso so check it out

Have fun
Hisham elshater

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Moody Rig Sneak Peek - Free 3ds max Rig

Some of the exclusive tools of Free upcoming 3dsmax rig Moody Stay tuned ,Youtube Subscribe, Like and share :)


IK-FK , full stertchy , bendy-curvy- , biped mocap support , cloth hair dynamics realtime , auto lipsync "PrimeLipsync Linked" , pose manger mixed face setup bone and morphers

Sunday, September 14, 2014

dynamic slider test 2

last update on dynamic slider

not fixed to 1 axis anymore.
now its ready for production tests.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Real-time Dynamic Slider

its not a physical simulation , but its fast ,real-time
2 types of sliders : the one with no bounce stable and more predictable.
slider in with bouncing still need some work
-- limitations --
its working on z axis only for now.

applications to this : 2ndry animation mainly .
this tool inspired by dynamic slider on maya by Hans Godard - here

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Detect Fix Broken Wiring - Maxscript

simple Scipt for manage wiring
--detect wiring on selection and open wiring dialogs
--detect broken wiring .
--detect wiring between 2 objects
--fast wiring between 2 objects
max only limit wiring dialogs to 7 only.
try it and have fun :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

kinect mocap fix - Foot Stabilizer

for anyone who use Microsoft kinect mocap or similar setups -which considerd cheap mocap systems- using any capture application or plugin its all has problem of floating legs or noise which is not cool and leave these mocap systems far from production standard , I hope its a step closer to be more reliable on production at least useable mocap .

what the script do exactly is detect foot animation keys then activate IK and disable it according to the animation then remove all non essenial keys which make more stable legs, not perfect 100% but its a better start , easy to fix manually.

--stabilize the z axis of pelvis , and u can adjast it which can supress jumping or allow it , according to setting.

--settings -- jitter ,legs z azis and jump factors are all max units , so the bigger your character scale the bigger these factor should be to supress jitter and calculate fixed poses, will attach test mocap file work for my settings .

-- after running the script cleaning process is much easier.

-- there is some custom key reduction options .

--side note : script doesn't deal with any problems of biped parts but legs ,pelvis z pos, so other known problems of kinect mocap just as snappy arms can be fixed by key reduction and some manual cleaning.

known issues:
-- you will need to copy the planted keys manually ,althought the script should be doing it , not sure yet why its not working as it should.
--its relatively slow for now, mainly complication of 1st issue .
-- don't run the script twice on same animation .

how to use :

for cleaning other part of biped just select the part and run "reduce keys" , or select all biped parts and run it , adjast the key reduction factor for better results.

 for foot stabilization
1- run the .mse file by draging droping into max or run script command
2- choose mocap file .bvh
3- Create new biped ,setting not important , select any biped part and press "GO" button will open the mocap tool , make sure you are on freeform "footstep mode" which is the defalt state, if its not the script won't work as should , choose your own setting of keys reduction and figure any other stuff u want.
 4- wait and u have your mocap ready for cleaning process so save your mocap as .bip and use it on any biped.
5- have fun

feedback will be appreciated,here or in scriptspot.

download kinect mocap fix - Foot Stabilizer v:1.0

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shater Crowd System sneakpeek

Shater Crowd System is a project I have been working on lately ,its already used-tested on production now .
its more than workflow with multiple steps but all steps arw scripted.

This is a simple test 300 crowd agents -based on 2 crowd characters - on directional emmitters, more complex tests will be uploaded.

some features:
- all steps of workflow are scripted .
- works with any character - biped,cat,custom rig or other mesh
-any number of base crowd character will be randomly disributed.
- ground -terrain detection.
- random color correction for materials , and even skin after simple setup.
- change motion between walking running automatic.
- change character animation on specific time and variations by random value.
- change animation when reaching target.
- teams against each other , i uploaded simple test b4 but its better now.
and other features will be revealed on next uploads

i hope u like it :)