Saturday, December 20, 2014

Prime Autolipsync v 2.0b Voice Recognition and AutoTiming System included

Prime AutoLipsync is not only a text to animation Engine anymore ,its now olso has Audio Animation engine too with Auto timing system.

--Voice recognition Engine-- tested on english only not sure about other langue.
--Auto timing new system. -beta phase- need testing and feedback about it.

How to use:
just do the morpher setup as usual , choose a wav sound then run Auto recognition
audio will be processed , Text will appear , new Auto Timing system will try to make the animation fit with the audio as possible.

My tests has some good results and others not so good , will need some adjastments.
maybe u will have to use the old system in fixing animation at some frames as fit.

demo versions is limited so try using small wav files.
All Clients just replace the files , mail me for any help

Requirements: prime Autolipsync v2.0 uses Windows Voice recognition System which is integrated to win 8/7 for sure not sure about older xp system.
Tested on Win8 , I guess it will work on Win 7 with no problem
--Tested on Max 2014 -- max 9 and above should work with no problem.

Prime Autolipsync Page/help

have fun and good luck.

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