Monday, April 8, 2013

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

mcloth tools script Tutorial

I was asked to make a Tutorial of mcloth script workflow
so why I wrote it you need to understand 1st mcloth original workflow
the script is only -work around problem - with simple idea and you must know what your limits with original mcloth to decide whenever you use the script or the original workflow will work for you.

here is the Tut and sorry about my English

If you have a question drop it here on comment .

Thursday, April 4, 2013

softimage Retopology ice compounds

Ice compounds attached based on Paul smith workflow here

ice automatic result
need some extra manual work

 how to use ice compounds

there is 2 ice compounds , 1st one "Topolgy Difference" is calculating the difference between point positions from source to target .

2nd compound "retopolgy" is to apply the Difference .

you can jump inside each one to check them out

download compounds here

في اثنين كومبوند الاول "Topolgy Difference"
ده بيحسب الفرق بين اماكن النقط في الموديل الاصلي والتارجت توبولوجي

الثاني "retopolgy"
ده بيزود الفرق على المودل

الموضوع محتاج شغل يدوي بعد كل ما هتظبط اكتر كل ما هيطلعلك مودل احسن الى ان نحدث الكومبوند لطريقة اسرع ان شاء الله .

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