Monday, March 25, 2013

mcloth script for character animation

mcloth script for character animation

Mcloth Result


I spent some time lately working on cloth simulation so i came out with new workflow for mcloth .. its fast 2 min time sim for good quality it can give more and to get this result with ordinary cloth it can take 10 min i think or more

Mcloth with characters is so limited you can always use ragdoll but its limited to some situations and will never work in all cases

Tutorial (English)


--for new verion follow this workflow plz
-- delete all shell or trubosmooth/meshsmooth modifier on your selected base collision object
--apply ProOptimize modifier and try make it lowst setting as u can to have maybe 20-50 vertex count maybe lower if u can and u can increase collision spheres size to cover the areas.
--now save the file and try the Fast beta button , if error or crushing skip it and try the other way it will take more time calculating -follow the youtube tutorial for this workflow-

Whats new to V.1.0
its 100 times faster than old method or more if your animation range longer

possible bug maybe : new create collision method , it makes issues with memory sometimes , it happen with me once but it work fine most of the time so Give it some tests and feedback
old collision creation method is still availble.
special thanx to Alaa mokhtar

older version

have Fun


  1. Nice I also share with you something hope this helpful for you my friends Read the literature from each college on what they need to see for your digital portfolio in terms of number of images, file size (memory kb etc.) and image size (pixels) – all will be different so you might not be able to use the same images for all the colleges you’re applying to. Check that you’ve got enough work that sits in each category if they specify how many of each they want to see – for example in research, development, final images, time based work. Check to see how they want to see time based work in your digital portfolio (video, film, animation), do they want stills or can you upload a link to Youtube, Vimeo or similar? Check it out thanks.

    1. well there is a youtube channel already and have some work uploaded there , check it out
      and sorry i didn't get your point on other things you referred.

  2. Hey i am having an error when i click object and click create collision test
    -- Error occurred in Collision_but.pressed(); filename: C:\Users\PavNav\Downloads\Comp­ressed\Scripts\mcloth_Tools_V1­_.mse; position: 3839; line: 142
    -- Defined in encrypted script
    >> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
    -- Unable to convert: undefined to type: Array <<
    -- Error occurred in Collision_but.pressed(); filename:

    can you tell me whats causing the issue. It worked perfectly and then once scene i tried it for. It gave this error. From then on all it gave was this error

    1. hey pumbama
      is the object base is not editable poly or editable mesh ?
      sometimes non poly-mesh objects make that
      simple way to make sure it will work , add edit poly modier on the top then run it
      if the problem still there inform me and i will make a new version with fix.

    2. thanks for the reply... as it turns that was the problem...but it still has some sometimes just doesnt work unless i create another object turn it to editable poly then use your script...nonetheless...i like it....downside is it seems awfully slow when compared to your youtube vids....

    3. By that i mean a simple leg motion (just one leg) to affect cloth brings it to a halt or script stops working

    4. it does complete it....rare occasions where it might stop but say after an hour...and it just seems more productive using the cloth modifier

    5. If its possible i would like to test out your max file...just to see if its a issue with my computer....

    6. its more productive to use cloth modifier for sure , mcloth is not made for that , we are just trying new ways of doing things
      i tried similar new cloth system on softimage and collision is supported there no need of scripting or any addons , its seems the same as this , tricky not that accurate , sometimes work and sometimes not.

      about your problem , collision will be slow if , legs vertex count will increase collision objects created by the scipt and that increase simulation time , so try to pro-optimize for examble.

      add defalt mcloth modifier and don't use the script to add it and try some settings , maybe i made it too high on solver iter.

      just do some tests with mcloth , we need all to focus on that to understand it better .
      search youtube for mcloth tuts .

      if u found any good settings for mcloth , the perfect combo :) , plz try to share :)

  3. btw anyone got good setting for using mcloth on carcter animation and it realy work for him , try to share it with us , thanx :)

  4. bug :
    i tested v.1 the new fast way for creating collision , it makes that problem only if the object base isn't editable poly or editable mesh
    simple fix is working on mesh or poly base or just always add edit poly

    bug fix on v 1.1 will be uploaded soon , any more bugs or reviews plz post thanx