Monday, March 25, 2013

Prime Automatic LipSync Tool

Lipsync made fast , easy and cheap and all withing 3ds max no external programs.

Prime Automatic Lipsync is a tool to create automated lipsync in 3ds max , Prime AutoLipsync is text to animation Engine olso Audio Animation engine , Auto/manual timing systems and new Voice Recognition System


Voice Recognition -voice to text is still beta .


how it works:
1st make some morph targets with basic Phonemes A , E , O , L , M ,F , others if you add WQ , U as seperate Phonemes it will be better or u can assign them to O channel

2nd step : open Prime Autolipsync tool and choose your head with morpher modifier then go to setup mapping section ,click update to update channels list then link Phonemes to your morph channels as shown.

3rd step : save your preset so setup mapping step is Required once only for each head.

then go to automatic lipsync section and have fun

Prime automatic lipsync convert text to animation keys so Load your sound file , listen and write your text then gooo , and you will have your animation

Timing :

there is 4 ways to control timing
1- start time and end  -- keys will be between your start and end time
2- start time and interval --it calculate by defined start time and interval value "interval time is predefined space between keys"
3- slidertime and interval -- animation will start on your current slider time and  interval value
4- slidertime and Endtime -- animation will start on your current slider time and end on predefined end time "my favorite"

there is morph limit value you should have it the way you like if its value 100 it will give morph keys 100 value for all channels but its custamizable to your case .
there is some other options morphsliders for manual retouch and other self exploring features.

 -- "auto phonemes" option  automatic figure out phonatics "AO" "EA" "sh" etc .
when checked off every charcter you wrote will have its own key , better leave it alone :)

and can be exported easily  to maya , softimage or any other 3d pacage with FBX
For MAYA , Softimage users just import your model with morph/shapes to max as FBX then use the tool then Exported back FBX with animation.

other features:
-- Mirror morph targets section "self exploring"
or checkout 1st 30sec here

Prime Autolipsync Understand English characters (A to Z) any foreign characters , numbers who't work .
 For other languages you can write any language with English characters , i think All languages has the same phonemes , just small Tiny Differences .
it will work fine with Arabic , French , Spanish , Portuguese  , Chinese and others (All Written in English )

I have some Feedback it works fine with many languages this way.
Test it with your mother Tongue and Give us your feedback .

--try to write all words connected together on pronounce as one word and use space mode to make timing faster.

--Prime Autolipsync doesn't recognize silent characters , it will put a key for them , so its not spelling contest, try to write your keys only .
example "what" word at "auto phonemes" mode on will be 2 keys only "O","T" .
another example "dude" "Grape" "made" it doesnt recognize the silent "E" on the end , so better write it "dod" or "dud" doesnt matter if you did assign "U" to "O" same morph.
olso something like "UP" write it "ap" if u did assign "u" to "o" cause its pronounce "a", you get the idea.

--"auto phonemes" algorism is always trying to reduce keys by binding similar keys , if you didn't want that there is another way to work is to write your own keys , and turn "auto phonemes" mode off, that way all what you write is what you get every character will have a key, in this mode if you write "ah" , u will get 2 keys , so write it "a" and so on .

-- if you know what your doing just disable auto phonemes and write your keys directly , it should be the best way to for anyone any langue .


whats new?( History ) :
--new Mirror morph targets
--space = gap mode
when you write spaces on the text it will give you gap between keys , more spaces more gap some people feedback its annoying
so if you turn it off it will ignore any spaces and no gaps between keys .

--bug fix Timing little messed up when you disable "space = gap"
-- annoying slider time isn't moving when creating keyframes anymore.. its faster now.
--bug fix -- when creating keyframes on  "slidertime and Endtime" its reversed if your end time lower than your slider time , fixed .
-- extended demo version you can make more keys ,more Text input have more fun.
--Bug "Incompatible types: 0.0, and undefined " Fixed
Thanx to your feedback
fix "h" charcter now gives "a"
-- v1.15
 fix the error on counting morph channels setup section when there is empty channels .
 Fix spaceing Gap mode , works better now.
save last important options on close and open on last save.
Slider channels only showing your choosen lipsync morph list.
Saving presets as dropdown list to switch faster  , to save new preset write your preset name and it will be faster as a list contains all your charcters options,  to delete a preset select it and right click the list

still old way save-load settings as file availble.

Prime AutoLipsync is not only a text to animation Engine anymore ,its now Audio Animation engine too , Auto timing system.

-v2.01 update usefull to quick setup already rigged/wired charcter heads
Prime lipsync only deals with "Bezier float" morph channel controllers , when some users try it with wired characers already have some sliders by (reaction manger-wire paramters) it doesn't work or give errors.
I made simple fix 2 ways it should pop up when you press animate button
1st question will ask you if you do wanna extract these targets if you press yes it will extract all the mapped targets for you , you need to add them to morpher modifier manually then re-map everything on the script from the setup panel.
if you press no 2nd method will pop up it will ask you if you want to just convert the channels .
Warning -- this will unwire your rig sliders for sure.
if you want to have both your custom rig slides and the script running , you should do it the 1st way and you only need to do this once .

v2 Updates:
--Voice recognition Engine-- tested on english only not sure about other langue.
--Auto timing new system. -beta phase- need testing and feedback about it.
How to use:
just do the morpher setup as usual , choose a wav sound then run Auto recognition
audio will be processed , Text will appear , new Auto Timing system will try to make the animation fit with the audio as possible.

My tests has some good results and others not so good , will need some adjastments.
maybe u will have to use the old system in fixing animation at some frames as fit.
This's Voice engyne is still in beta phase , your feedbacks is important.

V2 Requirements: prime Autolipsync v2.0 uses Windows Voice recognition System which is integrated to win 8/7 for sure not sure about older xp system.
Tested on Win8 , I guess it will work on Win 7 with no problem
--Tested on Max 2014 -- max 9 and above should work with no problem.

demo version
Limitations: all features availble on demo version but you are limited to certain number of keys , text words for testing & evaluation - non commercial use only .

Download V2.01b
Download Prime Automatic lipsync free demo V2.01b
Check whats new above.

Download V2.0beta
Download Prime Automatic lipsync free demo V2.0beta
Check whats new above.

TestFile "Head With morphs"  - max 2011

old V1.21
Download Prime Automatic lipsync free demo 1.21
Check whats new above.
old V.1.13
Download Prime Automatic lipsync free demo 1.13

report any bug here please
for full version it cost 70$ per license ,
if you change the machine .. license Renewal every year  for free, just mail me.

paypal : to
payment via Registered users to
as soon as I get your money and request in mail I'll send your Full version . (12-36 hours)

For License Generation Process please run this script and enter your info , it will generate a RequestFile for you send the file to me .

Download Request File Generation Script
and I'll send "Prime lipsync tool" latest version fully activated as soon as I get your request.

Have Fun


  1. Great Scripts!
    What about the Get biped to the ground? when you think you will have that script available?

  2. well that script still have some bugs , but I will make it available this week isa and fix the bugs later.

  3. Great can't wait to test it. :D

  4. I wanted to test it, but it show me a "--No ""numKeys"" function for undefined" error when i click Create animation.

  5. not sure , did u define an object with a morph modifier 1st b4 creating animation?
    2nd thing morph channels cant be wired to anything , maybe wire 2ways will work but if wired to a face rig shapes it won't work . , test it and give me feedback what did u do to have that error exactly.

  6. Replies
    1. download the demo version , there is a text inside for setup instructions.

  7. sir can you create for nepali language

    1. it should work with any language , some guys try it on Portuguese and they said it works, I do try it on Arabic and it works.
      just write English letters how you prounounce it and it will work just fine, idk about nepali ( english letters mean no é or ɛ ə any non english keyboard will not work,so change keyboard to english and write.
      also no numbers for sure

      or just write your keys by turning off "auto phenomes" like (hello = alo ) thats better way not to get any extra keys you dont want.

      good luck.

    2. sorry about beeing late on reply here in the comment section of this blog
      dont get notifications , email response time is better 24/48 hours max.

      Prime lipsync Tool orders on the same day most of the time or 2 days tops, just after you send me the request license file (all info above)

      feel free to mail me or leave your experience with the tool here as a comment.

      happy animation :)