Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Shater Autorig V 1.0 launch and free rigs

Merry Christmas everyone

Finally 3ds max will have an Autorig ready for production

bug fixes on v 1.0
--SNIPPING IK_FK seem to jump --fixed
-- fingers count problem -- FIXED --
 --loading pose need mutible clicks to load everything right -- fixed
 --changes on controlles on spine, head,neck
--changes on arms ik fk .

known issue
if finger count less than 5 u still have 5 attributes for 5 fingers, but no problems linked to that.
--mirroring pose sometimes gives not acurate result on some cases -- working on that

Free rigs included here 
these rigs for testing evaluating only , have fun using those too , maybe will skin a charcter with the latest rig soon and share it to all animation lovers .

any bug , notice or idea feel free to leave a comment here or mail me

will be recieving orders after Christmas holiday

happy animation everyone :)

update rigs v1.1

free rig sample file
 download here
for 2011 and above

setup : rig depend on some files attached , read setup.txt

new in this update
-- Synoptic UI added to the rig main controller

fixed issues
--spine wasn't interacting with rotation of the hip
--Snipping between ik and fk was jumping
--in the autorig script added spine shape change button , and fix wiring.


-- Sorry This product is suspended for now --