Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pose Factory

Pose Factory is an easy to use Pose Manger for saving loading unlimited number of poses for any custom made characters .

-save unlimited poses
-load poses
-load poses local
-load pose on selection only.
-loading on body only or face only .
-all custom attributes will be saved.
-different kind of saving loading sets so you can have many poses for each character all saved and portable.
-loading poses from different characters made by same autorig (has same naming structure/prefix), so any rig done by Shater Autoriger or any other autoriger will work just fine.
-all poses are portable , you can find it on your animation folder of your project and you can share them with your team.

How to use:
-characters controllers must be on one layer and face controllers in another layers
-all the character controllers names should be Charactername_hand, charactername_footIk ..etc , it will work on any set of objects on the layers assigned this way.
-in setup panel enter the layers name prefix or change your charcters to match PoseFactory defaults and you are set to go.

 about layer naming
pose factory was made for my autorig so it works automatic for my rig
to make it work with your rig just put all body controllers on one layer and face on anothe layer
if you do the same naming context/suffix as in the default it should work just fine
or change it as you want from the script naming section.
note:prefix (character name) for sure can be anything just the rest of the layer name as in the sreen shot should match in the script layer setup naming section.

again if you did change layer names like my defualts it should work fine and thats the simplest way to do it.
whats inside the layer doesnt matter what names of the helpers/shapes inide (just make sure all controllers shapes inside those 2 layers starts with your charater name olso).
 hope this clear things up.

This tool was used on Shater Autorigger and moody free character rig , its mdified to all rigs or set of objects now.
v:2.1 release for all rigs not only Shater Autoriger tool.
2.11 fix local posing (load relative pose) don't work , now you need to change your character main cont. name or modify it from the script setup rollout.

report any problems/bugs
download form scriptspot

happy animation :)


  1. Always the same problem with Pose Factory - error in setup layers not found. Please help

  2. bu harika olan şeyi indirip deneyeceğim. çok güzel görünüyor... şimdiden teşekkür ederim

    1. i needed google translate for that.
      you welcome :)

  3. max2018-2020 doesn't work. I'm afraid the shater autorig doesn't work.

    1. Shater autoring does work on 2018 not sure about 2020
      if you are a Licensed user of shater autorig plz mail me some details of your problem.
      or you do mean the pose factory only ?