Sunday, December 13, 2020

Substance Painter Ultimate Bridge

Substance Painter Ultimate Bridge is a tool allow you to export the models to substance easily and import substance textures and create the shaders for any render engine, supporting naming shaders and masking ids on export and auto import multi-shaders all textures/UDIM's to the render engine of your choise.




UDIMS (and some new presets) 1.4

optional export mesh tools


 Render Engines supported:

-Vray (PBR and Ref/gloss workflows)

-Corona Render




-support UDIM's all render engines


-Exporting automation 

-assigning standard materials for export (random colors)

-optional auto unwrap 

-Export obj or fbx

-high poly id random colors for masking.


Importing shaders Featrues:

-Multi Render Engines

-multi material imort (batch importer)

-Smart (&open to edit presets) can support any render-engine or any Texture/shader painting app or any export presets out of substance or even another texture painting app.

whats really special about this Tool is Editing or adding presets is very easy to match your needs or workflow, presets are separated text files.

-Auto gamma correction overrides for all gray textures (can be edited in the preset turn true or false for each map type).

-adding color correction presets (can be edited in the preset turn true or false for each map type).

-shader importing all or selected

-Normal multiplier adjastable for all imported shader/shaders.


textures supported and naming:

-for normal uvs -no udims- export settings naming should be "$textureSet_Diffuse",$textureSet_Normal , dont inculde "$mesh" in the naming(meaning texture will be named "a_Normal")

-for udims: "$mesh_BaseColor.$textureSet" , $mesh_Normal.$textureSet(meaning texture will be named "a_Normal.1001")


Ref/gloss: maps supported(vray-corona-std presets): (Diffuse,Reflection,Glossiness,ior,Normal,Transmissive,Emissive,AnisotropyLevel,AnisotropyAngle)

PBR maps (vray metl/rough - Arnold -Redshift presets):


can add more in the presets -or mail me to request a preset .

UDIMS setup :

-for 2020 and above

due to multitiles workflow changed in 3ds max

if the mesh named "x"so the map will be named : "x_Diffuse-1001","x_Diffuse-1002","a_Diffuse-1003" and so on.

so when exporting from substance :naming should be like "$mesh_BaseColor-$textureSet" , $mesh_Normal-$textureSet

the "-" workflow will work with any max version just make sure u have no "-" dashes on the naming.

-2019 and older :if the mesh named "x"so the map will be named : "x_Diffuse.1001","x_Diffuse.1002","a_Diffuse.1003" and so on.

so when exporting from substance :naming should be like "$mesh_BaseColor.$textureSet" , $mesh_Normal.$textureSet

-"-1001" naming should work just fine this way works with any presets any max version.

- the old multitile worflow ".1001" will work just fine in 2019 and older.



 Released. (tested on max 2019 should work just fine in any version +2016)


-Random color standard materials for export

-added random color ids for high poly mesh (for masking in substance)

-added missing slots to vray-corona ref/gloss preset (Diffuse,Reflection,Glossiness,ior,Normal,Transmissive,Emissive,AnisotropyLevel,AnisotropyAngle)

-vray PBR metalic/roughness (BaseColor,Metallic,Roughness,Normal,Transmissive,Emissive)

-added Redshift presets (BaseColor,Metallic,Roughness,Normal,Transmissive,Emissive)


-support UDIM's (with max standard MultiTile to work with all engines)

-added scanline standard material preset ( Diffuse Specular Glossiness Normal Opacity Emissive)

-fixed presets gamma correction for some maps


minor fixes


 Fixed max 2020 multitile (udim's) 

new workflow is descriped above 



--added some presets for Vray and Corona all ends with naming "_Height"

it will attach Height maps to additional bump maps with the normal map

all other old presets will work just the way it used to work

I'm mailing all my users the new updates, feel free to mail me for the latest version.

Future updates will be free for all clients containing will contain bug fixes if found

report any bug please
for full version it cost 30$ per license full version /technical support - updates .

if there is a problem with paypal plz use gumroad.
Pay Via Gumroad
after paying:
Download license Request Generator Script
if you did pay with gumroad you already have the request license generator .

For License Generation Process please run this script and enter your info , it will generate a RequestFile for you send the file to me

Download license Request Generator Script
and I'll send "Substance Painter Ultimate Bridge" latest version fully activated as soon as I get your request.

paypal :30$  to 
and send mail with requestfile (generated by the script above ) to or .

about the license:
license is a Node-locked license the script will only work only on one machine ,if the user want to run another machine he will have to pay for another license. but incase of hardware upgrade of the machine after one year of buying the tool , i provide a license for free upon request.

Have Fun Texturing :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Shater autorig update 2.2

Shater autorig update 2.2
workflow, some of the new features.
whats new?!
*Guide (Mostly foolproof -proof against misuse-  edits)

-added Unit setup auto to cm (Try making your model close to real world scale to avoid problems later stages even Lighting need close to Real world scales -always select your meshes and hit "Model select&cleanup" too).
-mirroring you can edit left side only of the guide , rightside will be frozen , just hit "mirror guide" when you happy with adjasting your guide.(model must be on the center)
-added fingers spacing angel adjastable.
-Fingers guide also changed default for ease of use.
Fingers controller minor changes on looks and locking some unneeded rotation axis for ease of use and foolproofing only.
Hands ik parented to hips controller by defualt when you hit "link arms" and resetting pose to Tpose working fine (if you plan to change links you should freeze transforms after so resetting to Tpose to work without issues)
*Finishing Tap
-Auto skinning button added with 2 options
auto :which get the mesh you selected and prepared on guide tap) and add skin to what you selected there. (which can contain eyes and meshes you don't need skin mod on but you can always clean later)
selected: add skin modifier to selected mesh only.
please unfreeze models b4 adding auto skinning
*note : this is basic skin modifier , Autorig just adding the skin bones for you , you need to adjast your skin (vertex weight/vetex painting/envelopes).
*same as old version skin bones are collected on a layer and on selection set for ease of use too.
*optional tap
optional tap is mostly about saving time changing controllers.
- shape thickness change on selected to edit your controllers shapes fast. 
you still can always replace the shape controller by picking any other shape while selecting the controller you want to change and hit "replace control"
 in this video i show multi ways of changing controllers or edit them without affecting the rig functions or causing errors/bugs.
olso i'm showing how to get better fingers control and ease of use.

setup: replace old files.
for all shater autorig users , mail me if you have trouble updating or you havn't got the mail.
plz review the tool on a comment on any of the videos and Like and share and subscripe
 and always have fun animating.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Light detective updated v 1.2

Light Detictive is a Tool designed to mange complex lighting setups. --not only control include and exclude by selection or sets fast , but olso investigate the lights on the scene see exclude and include lists , --olso investigate objects which light affect them of not.

v1.2 update:
tested for vray lights ,I don't know about other engine but should work in any renderer.
better ways to invisticate lights on your scene.

-change light type include to exclude or the oposite not just showing the type
-when typing mesh name now update the list of lights -just click outside if it has problems- or select the object you need to know which lights ex/including it then hit "select in/exclude lights" it will be selected.
-added toolips for ease of use

script page

Shater autorig update 2.1

Shater autorig update

update 2.1
Fixed bugs
-Mirroring fingers fix

new features
-when opening the script, identify the guide if existed on scene ( plz dont make more than one guide on one scene )

-added 2 butons on Finish section just small autolinking the whole rig -this should be manuall for best results but for those who need it (link legs and spine) and (lining arms)
-auto relinking arms to helper near the neck "chname_spine_Bendy_hlp_8" for default if its 16 bones it will link to the "chname_spine_Bendy_hlp_16" if u need to adjast it and relink to nearest "chname_spine_Bendy_hlp_" , its your call.

for simple spine game rig , plz do it manually
the arms parents helpers named "chname_L_ArmParent_Helper" 

setup: replace old files.
for all shater autorig users , mail me if you have trouble updating or you havn't got the mail.
have fun animating.