Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Missing maps proxies Fixer

This is A simple to use tool for Re-Linking missing maps & proxies

How it works
The tool will report that there is a missing or not and for fixing and number of missing maps , just choose the path , or copy & paste it , then Fix missing maps or proxies

--for missing maps it work with all render engines.
--for proxies only Vray .
--olso fix missing point cache added.

-- path to fix will be saved next time you open the script it will be there (so for simple projects whitch have all maps one or 2 paths this will be the perfect simplest tool for you )

--If u have all your maps on one location , that will be your tool to fix missing.

--its just like alot of tools out there but its little cleaner-simpler.

--update log
1.2 fix minor bugs
1.9 report button and some other features like fix missing point cache too.

have fun

download Missing maps fixer script version 1.9

older versions
download v:1.0

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