Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Moody - 3ds max free character Rig Release


--Bug fix :error trying to open Lipsync UI , its now working fine
--tweak changing boy/girl fixes cloth / note: cloth dynamics sliders setup works for the boy setup best.
-- Rig max file still the same, Replace scripts related files on Shaterstudio folder if you had a earlier setup.

thanx for reporting.

features :
FK-ik controls , stretchy limps &spine  , bendy-curvy limps ,biped mocap support ,pose manger, Autolipsync , dynamic realtime -limited- cloth system -2ndry motion , usefull tools integrated.

--Save load animation
--Pose manger unlimited poses with 2 ways of grouping poses.
--auolipsync (prime Autolipsync alrady integrated with the character) / use it or leave it all optional you can achieve lipsync by animating face rig.
Prime Automatic LipSync Tool

--2 sets of charcters for now , there is a female and male version.-but the model was never made at 1st as multi character so its just some tweaking.

--Same old ShaterAutorig v1.0 features as - Naming independant -, you can change the name for putting girl and boy character on the same scene without problems.
-- FaceRig is morph based exept extra controllers on the eye Brows .

--Biped Integeration :
Why choosing between custom rig and Biped when you can have both on the same Rig ?. 
2 ways of dealing with biped there is constraints system for testing only , make sure u reset the character before using it , it may gives weird results if there is already animation cause it consider an animation layer.
Always work on key mode unless you r testing mocap , Keys mode will capture the biped animation from start time to end .
there is a biped attached to the Rig you can Hide/unhide and work with it then Grap the animation by the character rig.

next stage on updating this Biped integreation , biped will take poses and animation from the rig too, i have uploaded some tests earlier on youtube channel.

--the swivel issue : when u load bip file swivels will be unparented form legs or hands to capture the animation with no issues , when u resets everythings goes back to normal , always i made a button to fix that olso .
say if you want to convert bip to xaf animation so you did load bip then save it as xaf from the options UI , u did save it while the swivels is unparented , just remember that .

--dynamic slider:
 it just small bones skinned to the clothmesh feels gravity and little motion of the body , gives the feeling of simualted cloth on no time , for sure its limited system with few options for now , you can control Gravity or weight of the cloth and the damping/multiplier , test them together .
2nd stage for developing dynamic slider will give more control for the user .

moody rig is mainly beta-testing Shater Autorig and some other tools on production , olso i hope it will be good asset for those guys who seeks a good free max rig , i hope i can provide better model-more appealing character next free rig . 

max versions:
Created and tested on max 2014 , but i think no problem with 2011 and above , if u have a problem Report plz.

the character is free for non commercial usage , would appreciate it if you give me some credit .

Download moody rig v1.1 From cgmeetup
mirror Zip file manual setup ----mirror Setup exe file
donations are always appreciated .

Feel free to contact me for Bug reporting , ideas for updates or anything on your mind .
happy animation :)


  1. good, how to download free..thanks

    1. Shater Studio: Moody - 3Ds Max Character Rig Release >>>>> Download Now

      >>>>> Download Full

      Shater Studio: Moody - 3Ds Max Character Rig Release >>>>> Download LINK

      >>>>> Download Now

      Shater Studio: Moody - 3Ds Max Character Rig Release >>>>> Download Full

      >>>>> Download LINK JN

  2. Hello. I paid for the licensed version of Prime Automatic lipsync yesterday. I really need this script. How soon will I receive it? Thank you.

  3. Hi, is prime automatic lipsync still available?

  4. Nice post thank you Nathan